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Manuel Blanco Muiriel (ASTRI Dicector-CSIRO) is awarded a Chair of Excellence at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Dr. Manuel Blanco joins the ISE team to estimulate technological development of Concentrating Solar Technologies.

Chairs of Excellence UC3M

ISE team (D. Santana, A. Sánchez-González and M.R. Rodríguez-Sánchez) is Shouhang’s choice for design and optimize the subsystem heliostat field-receiver of the first 10 MWe power tower with 15 hours storage in Asia (Dunhuang, China)
Domingo Santana is appointed Director of Shouhang R&D Chair in Solar Thermal Energy.

Beijing Shouhang ihw Resources Saving Technology Co., Ltd. delegation visits ISE team on December 16th, 2015 during Spain visit to deepen their links with UC3M counterparts.

Picture 1 from left to right
Antonio Acosta (UC3M), Pedro González (UC3M), Alberto Sánchez (UC3M), Reyes Rodríguez (UC3M), Domingo Santana (UC3M), Wenge Huang (Shouhang’s Vicegeneral Manager), Wenbo Huang (Shouhang’s Vice chairman), HuiQiang Yang (Shouhang’s CSP Project Manager)
Picture 2 from left to right
Antonio Acosta (UC3M), Pedro González (UC3M), Alberto Sánchez (UC3M), Reyes Rodríguez (UC3M), Domingo Santana (UC3M), Wenbo Huang (Shouhang’s Vice chairman), HuiQiang Yang (Shouhang’s CSP Project Manager), Zhipeng Qi (Shouhang’s R&D Manager)



National Proyect funded by “Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad”
ABMIN: High-efficiency micro-sized absorption cooling chillers using membrane technology

Combination of the microporous membrane technology with absorption cooling systems technology is proposed in this project with the aim of reducing the size and increasing the energy efficiency of this refrigeration technology. The main objective of the project is to set up the scientific basis for the future development of micro-sized absorption cooling chillers employing microporous membrane technology, principally oriented to reducing the energy consumption of dwellings, buildings, cars, etc. due to the use of air-conditioning systems. The proposal allows the use of renewable energy sources, like solar thermal, or residual low temperature heat.

Research will be conducted at individual components level (including absorber and generator). It will cover modelling, simulation, design, construction and testing. Transient and steady state essays will be developed to fully investigate the thermal performance. Correlations of heat and mass transfer in the individual components will be obtained as a function of dimensionless parameters. These correlations are foreseen to be used for the design of micro-sized membrane-based absorption cooling chillers.


International Patent

Rearchers at the UC3M Research Group for Energy Systems Engineering (ISE) of the Universidad Carlos III of Madrid have begun a collaboration with the Business Incubator UC3M Science Park, and Sun to Market Solutions SL on an international patent for reducing energy consumption of CSP solar towers.

Sun to Market and UC3M
Link 1 Link 2 (Spanish) Link 3 (Spanish)


Job Positions

We offer several job possitions related with the Master in Mechanical Engineering (spanish) as well as PhD student positions in our department.
Post-graduate fellowships in UC3M (spanish)

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