Chair Shouhang

Shouhang R&D Chair in Solar Thermal Energy

Funding Entity: Beijing Shouhang ihw Resources Saving Technology Co., Ltd.(China). The multinational company Shouhang is engaged in the power station air cooling system, water technology, concentrating solar power technology, and waste heat utilization system of field of research and development, design, manufacture, sales, installation, management, commissioning, training, and plant general contracting services such as high and new technology enterprise.

Duration: FROM July 1, 2015 TO June 30, 2018

Professor in Charge: Domingo Sanatana Santana

Brief Description:The Shouhang Chair is a Research Chair funded by one of the most dynamic Chinese contractors: engineering, procurement and construction management (EPC). Its purpose is to carry out guided research, with the aim of producing knowledge of wide industrial scope in a clearly international setting in the field of Concentrating Solar Power.

Objective: Analysis the transient behavior of the receiver and plant optimization for Molten Salt Power Tower.


  • Preparation of Project and Program for Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation in the field of CSP.
  • Project Implementation and Training Programs for research.
  • Establish the selection criteria for technical staff selection process and recruit a technician.
  • Recruit a technician to develop a simulation environment of CSP’s.
  • Dissemination of the results of activities in the Chair.
  • Preparation of training programmes in the field on industrial technologies, , development of case studies on legislation, or other field manuals.
  • Mutual advice on issues related to the activity of both entities. 
  • Design a plan of joint activities related to the promotion and dissemination of scientific culture and technological advances.
  • Any others are considered of mutual interest within the possibilities of the parties and activities that are the subject of the SHOUHANG Chair.




负责教授:Domingo Santana Santana





  • 科研项目和计划的准备,CSP领域技术创新的开发
  • 项目实施和研究计划培训
  •  建立技术人员选拔流程的标准并聘请一名技术人员
  •  聘请一名开发CSP模拟环境的技术人员
  • 项目成果的宣传
  • 工业技术领域培训计划的准备,法律或其他领域的个案研究
  • 双方业务相关活动的相互咨询建议
  • 计划宣传发布双发合作中相关的科学文化和技术进步
  • 其它有可能进行的,在首航节能课题范围内双方共同关心的内容