Alberto Gómez García

Contact information
Office: 1.1.D.19
Phone: +34 91 624 6032

Alberto Gómez García obtained his degree in Chemical Engineering (5 years program) in 2007 at Complutense University (Madrid). He obtained his Master in Industrial Process Engineering in 2008 at Complutense University (Madrid). Currently, he is under the PhD Program at the Universidad Carlos III (Madrid) from 2008. He did a PhD summer stay at the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering of the University of British Columbia (Canada) in 2010 supervised by Dr John Grace and Dr Andrés Mahecha. In 2011, He also performed a stay at the Department of Energy and Environment of Chalmers University of Goteborg (Sweden), supervised by Dr Filip Johnson and Dr David Pallarés.

His research has been mainly focused on Modelling and Experimental Research of Fluidized Bed Reactor and Biomass Gasification. He has also worked on biomass analysis.

Currently he teaches thermal engineering, CFD lab lessons and acoustic engineering for undergraduate students. He has also coordinated laboratory sessions in various thermal and acoustic engineering related courses.

PhD Thesis

Comparison between two-fluid model simulations and particle image analysis & velocimetry (PIV) results for a two-dimensional gas-solid fluidized bed
Chemical Engineering Science 66, 3753-3772, 2011
F. Hernández-Jiménez, S. Sánchez-Delgado, A. Gómez-García, A. Acosta-Iborra.

MBHEF syngas conditioning: modeling approach and exergy optimization.
4th International Symposium On Energy from Biomass and Waste, 2012
Gómez-García, A., Sánchez-Prieto, J., Soria-Verdugo, A., Santana-Santana, D.

Quantitative Evaluation of inert Solids Mixing in a Bubbling Fluidized Bed.
Proceedings of 21FBC, 2012
Sette, E., Gómez-García, A., Pallarés, D., Johnsson, F.

Using DBM to study the effect of biomass feeding in the dynamic behaviour of a large scale bubbling fluidized bed.
Proceedings of 21FBC, 2012
J. Sánchez-Prieto, A. Gómez-García, J. Villa-Briongos, D. Santana.

Characterization of the gas interchange between bubble and emulsion using two-fluid model simulations
Proceedings of 21FBC, 2012
F. Hernández-Jiménez, A. Gómez-García, D. Santana, A. Acosta-Iborra.

Modelling of biomass fluidized bed reactors: application to biomass gasification.
Proceedings of 7th National (Spain) Congress of Thermodinamics Engineering, 2011
A. Gómez-García, J. Sánchez-Prieto, J. Villa-Briongos, D. Santana.