Dr. Andrés Anca Couce

Contact information
Current Position: Ramón y Cajal Professor
Phone number: +34 91 624 6263
Office: 1.1.F.38
Email: aanca@ing.uc3m.es


Degree in Industrial Engineering. Specialty: Mechanical Engineering. Special award for the best record in the degree. Universidade de Vigo. 2008.

PhD in Engineering. Doctorate “summa cum laude” (with distinction). Technische Universität Berlin. 2012.


2016 – 2022. Technische Universität Graz – Institute of Thermal Engineering (Austria). Group leader and lecturer.

2015 – 2016. Bioenergy 2020+ GmbH (currently BEST Bioenergy and Sustainable Technologies) (Graz, Austria). Senior researcher.

2013 – 2015. Technische Universität Graz – Institute of Process and Particle Engineering (Austria). Posdoctoral researcher.

2008 – 2012. Technische Universität Berlin – Department of Energy Engineering (Germany). PhD student.


  • Energetic biomass utilization; Development of sustainable, clean and bioenergy systems.
  • Thermo-chemical conversion processes of biomass: pyrolysis, gasification, torrefaction, combustion.
  • Multi-scale description of thermo-chemical processes, including the molecular, particle and reactor level. Detailed reaction schemes of biomass pyrolysis.
  • Characterization of the products and applications of thermo-chemical conversion processes of biomass: tar, gases, char and ashes.


Heat transfer. Bioenergy.


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