Carolina Marugán Cruz

Contact information
Office: 1.1.F16
Phone: +34 91 624 9913

Carolina Marugán-Cruz started her mechanical engineering studies at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, and continued her studies in the INSA de Lyon during 2001-2002. After obtaining her degree in 2004 at Carlos III, she obtained her PhD in Mathematical Engineering in 2008, under the supervision of Carlos Martínez-Bazán and Javier Rodríguez-Rodríguez. She has complemented her formation with various stays at the University of Monash in Melbourne, University of Jaen (Spain), at UCSD in San Diego and at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.

Carolina’s main research has been focused on:
– Concentrated solar power; molten salts.
– Dynamics of laminar jets with different jet-to-ambient density ratio and the dynamics of vortex formation.
– Dynamics of Fluidized bed
– Ultrasound interaction with microbbubles (Ultrasound Contrast Agents)
– Dynamics and characterization and conversion techniques of biomass fuels.
– Energy conversion systems.

Her work has been experimental and numerical.

Over the last years Carolina has taught fluid mechanics courses for undergraduate engineering students, along with advanced graduate courses in experimental techniques and computational fluid dynamics. She has also coordinated laboratory sessions in various fluid dynamics related courses, and taught CFD computer labs using the commercial software Fluent and Gambit.

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