Darío Pardillos Pobo

Contact Information:
Office: 1.1D17
Email: dpardill@ing.uc3m.es
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dario-pardillos-pobo/
Position: PhD Student

Master in Industrial Engineering. Carlos III University, 2022
Mechanical Engineering Degree. Carlos III University, 2020

Best student record of the Mechanical Engineering Degree, 2020
Entrepreneurship bachelor´s thesis Prize: “SOLAR HEATERS: Calor Limpio en Procesos Industriales”, 2020
Excellence Award 2019 (8 best UC3M engineering student records)
Second of Spain representing UC3M in the “III Olimpiadas de Teoría de Máquinas y Mecanismos”, celebrated in Bilbao in 2019.

Research lines:
Concentrated solar power
Coil-wound Heat Exchangers

Solar Energy Systems 2020
D. Padillos-Pobo, J. Gómez-Gernández, T. Otanicar, “Modelling a Conveyor-Belt Solar Receiver to Dry and Heat Aggregates in Hot Mix Asphalt Industry”, 2nd Solar Energy Systems Conference. 12-14 August 2020, Online.

SolarPACES 2020
D. Pardillos-Pobo, S. Taramona, J. Gómez-Hernández, E. Batuecas, T. Otanicar, “Modelling a Conveyor-Belt Solar Receiver for Solar Drying in Mining Industry”, 26th
Solar PACES Conference. 28th September – 2nd October 2020, Online.