Esperanza Batuecas Fernández

Contact Information

Mechanical Engineering | Carlos III University of Madrid, 2011.
Renewable Energy Master | European University, 2014.
PhD in Advanced Chemistry | Complutense University of Madrid, 2017.
• Life Cycle Assessment.
• Concentrating solar technology.
• Biomass and biofuels.
• Environmental Engineering.
• Waste Valorization.

Postdoctoral Researcher at Politecnico di Torino. Department of Applied Science and Technology (CREST Research Group). April 2018 to September 2019.
Visiting Professor at Università degli studi di Torino (Department of Physics).
Teaching activity of Numerical Environmental Prediction and Modelling during the winter of 2018.
Teaching assistant for the Renewable Energy Master. Universidad CEU San Pablo. 2011 to 2016.

Thermal Engineering.

Batuecas, E., Tommasi, T., Battista, F., Negro, V., Sonetti, G., Viotti, P., Fino, D., Mancini, G. (2019). Life Cycle Assessment of waste disposal from olive oil production: Anaerobic digestion and conventional disposal on soil. Journal of environmental management, 237, 94-102.

Contreras-Lisperguer, R., Batuecas, E., Mayo, C., Díaz, R., Pérez, F. J., Springer, C. (2018). Sustainability assessment of electricity cogeneration from sugarcane bagasse in Jamaica. Journal of Cleaner Production, 200, 390-401.

Encinas-Sánchez, V., Batuecas, E., Macías-García, A., Mayo, C., Díaz, R., Pérez, F. J. (2018). Corrosion resistance of protective coatings against molten nitrate salts for thermal energy storage and their environmental impact in CSP technology. Solar Energy, 176, 688-697.

Mayo, C., Batuecas, E., Díaz, R., Pérez, F. J. (2018). Comparative environmental assessment of two materials suited to central tower CSP technology. Solar Energy, 162, 178-186.

Batuecas, E., Mayo, C., Díaz, R., Pérez, F. J. (2017). Life Cycle Assessment of heat transfer fluids in parabolic trough concentrating solar power technology. Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, 171, 91-97