Ulpiano Ruiz-Rivas Hernando

Contact information
Office: 1.1.D.06
Phone: +34 91 624 8463
email: ulpiano @ ing.uc3m.es
Position: Professor (Head of the Department of Thermal and Fluid Engineering since November 2013)


Ulpiano Ruiz-Rivas Hernando studied at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid where he obtained a degree in Industrial Engineering in 1991. After a two year fellowship at CERN (AT division, Vacuum Group), he joined the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid in 1994. He presented his PhD Thesis in 2000 (about PIV measurements and visualization techniques on forced, co-flowing water jets) and became associate professor in 2004.

His research activities involve measurement techniques in fluid flows, the study of the dynamics of fluidized beds and characterization and conversion techniques of biomass fuels. These activities are performed in the sphere of the Energy Systems Engineering Group at UC3M. He also works in appropriate technologies for water and energy supplies in underdeveloped regions, as a member of the Appropriate Technologies Group at UC3M.

He has been teaching at Carlos III University since October 1994 to present. His main subjects involve Applied Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer. He has been Director of the Master in Thermal and Fluid Engineering since July 2006 to 2010.

PhD Thesis
Dinámica de vorticidad en el campo cercano de un chorro con coflujo y sometido a forzado axial


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