Moving Bed Heat Exchangers (MBHE)

Moving Bed Heat Exchanger

Moving Bed Heat Exchangers (MBHE) are employed in industry for applications involving heat transfer and filtering. A MBHE consists of an air flow percolating in a cross-flow configuration through a solid particles flow. The main advantages of the use of MBHEs compared with different heat exchangers or filtering systems are:

  • High volumetric transfer area.
  • Proper heat transfer coefficients.
  • Possibility to operate at high temperature.
  • Low increment of pressure drop during operation.

The MBHE can be employed as a hot gas clean-up system for removing tar and particulate material from a syngas produced in a biomass gasifier. The hot syngas produced in the gasifier is cleaned in the upper MBHE and transfers heat to the solid particles flow. Then the particles transfer this heat back to the inlet air of the gasifier, increasing the performance of the system.

MBHE coupled to a biomass gasifier

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